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Living Architecture

Live Architects and Interiors is dedicated to the creation of timeless spaces for living, with balanced aesthetics and functionality based on a sustainable design approach. Spaces are organized and designed for efficiency of use, maximization of views, advantageous usage of sunlight, shade, and natural cross ventilation, with integration of nature and environmental systems. Natural or durable materials and finishes are selected for sustainability and longevity. Priority is placed on function, positive psychological and physiological spatial responses of the users, over style and trends.

Work Spaces for Living

With the popularity and rise of co-working spaces, the definition of how we work and live has changed significantly, blending work and life. Gone are the days where living and working spaces are segregated. Work spaces have become more comfortable, collaborative, social, and livable. Residential spaces, in turn, have become more productive teleworking spaces. Live Architects brings work space design and technology, to home environments.

Eat and Entertain

Eating and entertaining is quintessential to living. With extensive experience in Restaurants and Hospitality, we create spaces that are functional for cooking, dining, and entertainment. Spaces are configured for casual daily needs, yet flexible to accommodate larger gatherings. Indoor and outdoor spaces are linked for maximum usage.

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